"The Phone Room."

An Animation Comedy TV Show and interactive Web site and or Sitcom series about daily life in a phone solicitation Boiler Room
  and the people they call.

The fun begins with escapades that occur in the lives of the Telemarketers/Fundraisers & how the environment and personal lives of the phone room lends to comical situations along with scenes from the very people they call. It gives audiences a personal and comical scenarios at what makes telemarketer's tick .    

The comedy style and pace is comparable to "King of Hill,  Sponge Bob, Family Guy, to  the 70's sitcom "Taxi"  or  "Cheers" with a sprinkle of "Seinfeld" and the feel of a reality show when they make their sales calls. The characters come from different walks of life all converging in a phone room with witty banter as they work at the same job, with humorous excerpts of the customers they call.

The Tele-play is written in sitcom form and others are written in animation series form.  The series depicts the funny situations that occur in a phone room with interaction between main all main characters. All these characters along with an eclectic ensemble cast deliver a show that is modern, quirky, yet unique when they reach the very customers at the other end of the line with celebrity appearances or voiceovers. 


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